GCFORCB Organisation Background

Global Centre for Capacity Building (GCFORCB) Organisation is a Public Health Non- profits capacity building organisation, dedicated to improve health facilities and human resources. Our work results in saving lives and developing skills of human resources and facilities. We improve collaborative operations, strengthen infrastructure necessary to handle the growth that comes from our healthy promotive service initiatives and develops relationship between charities, corporations, foundations, and government, gcforcb Organisation is a public private initiative that has collaboratively evolved through consultations with multiple constituencies including Indian and international academia, state and central governments, multi & bi-lateral agencies and civil society groups.

Dr. Angika Singh

Founder Director

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Global Centre for Capacity Building (GCFORCB) Organisation. GCFORCB Organisation is fully committed to working with the Government, non-Government, foundation, organisation, and individual to ensure that public health in this vast and complex country gets the best start in life, thrives, and develops to his or her full prospective.

The organisation going to begin its work in India with public health experts and established a project office in Uttar Pradesh. This year we were able to touch 1601 public health workers throughout aspiration districts of Uttar Pradesh. This year too GCFORCB Organisation laid special emphasis on the expansion of education among Public Health professionals. Through its two different projects, it stressed that skills can play a significant role in empowering public health professionals and in securing a rightful place for them. The establishment of a new institute invariably affords tremendous scope and possibilities to its various stakeholders of the GCFORCB Organisation. Our mission and aim are to build a flourishing training and research platform, and a vibrant community for talented and ambitious students, faculty, and practitioners.


Dr. Angika Singh

Founder Director

Mr. Veeresh Biradar

Founder Co-Director

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Awate

Academic Director & Dean

Dr. Vinod Singh

Advisory Committee Head

Late Shri. Upendra Prasad Singh

Our Inspiration

Dr. Abhiram Kasbe

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor

Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh

Senior Legal Advisor

Mr. Kunal Kumar Mehta

Promotor & Legal Advisor

Palak Raj

Associate Head Information Technology- GCFORCB Organisation & UIGH

Mr. Paran Krishna

Program Coordinator

Mr. Kamgond B. Patil

Chief Executive Officer, UIGH, Solapur

Mrs. Sangita Patil

Managing Committee Director, UIGH, Solapur

Mrs. Sharada M. Biradar

Managing Committee Member, UIGH, Solapur

Mrs. Nirmala B. Patil

Managing Committee Member, UIGH, Solapur

Dr. Apurva Bhardwaj

Program Officer

Mr. Rahul Kumar Paswan

Program Officer

Ms. Shazia Farooqui

Research and Social Media Intern

Ms. Saumya Rai

Communication development intern

Dr. Vijayashree Mathad

Mr. Ullas Ulhanna

Mr. Arnab Mandal

Ms. Pallavi Rane

Mr. Pradeep Murthy