About UPANU Institute of Global Health (UIGH)

The UPANU Institute of Global Health (UIGH), a not-for-profit academic institution was established by GCFORCB Organisation in 2020. The UIGH is a leading independent global health and research institute established and headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, India, with additional major Centres in Ranchi, Jharkhand, and Solapur, Maharashtra, and also an international network of experts and collaborators. The UPANU Institute of Global Health (UIGH) commenced its operations in December 2020.

The UIGH is focused on the global public health challenges that cause the greatest loss of life, the greatest impairment of life quality, and the most substantial economic burden, particularly in resource-poor settings. Over a program of global health research, advocacy, global leadership, and disruptive social and public health entrepreneurship, we are driving global impact. UIGH is an institution founded with the mission to develop Human Resources for Healthcare (HRH), to provide NextGen Public Health Leadership, and New Age Education for public health professionals in the country. The institution sees the development space as requiring the application of Administration disciplines that are unique and tailored to the scale of the public health domain. Public health administration is the component of the field of public health that concentrates on the management of people and programs. On a day-to-day basis, the administration is needed to ensure that organizations operate efficiently and with success. The work of a public health administrator is at the same time similar to and different from that of persons engaged in administration in other fields.

UIGH Unique Programs

The 1year- Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Administration (PGDPHA) & 6 months- Certificate Program on Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPCPHC) programs at UIGH prepares administrators and NextGen leaders for the public health sector who can build world-class efficiently administered both National and International Organisations.

Signature Components of the Program

India’s unique and International Accredited Programs enables students to understand the real-time complexities needed to develop a sustainable solution for impact in the public health industry.

To offer a connection with the reality of Public Health and its impact in India, and achieve international standards of Public Health competencies through Interdisciplinary collaboration.

Nurturing the masters of theory and practice with the objective of impacting the change, inculcating an inclusive understanding of the Indian context, and enhancing globally relevant skills.

Train the scholars to be NextGen leaders for the Public Health domain, as such, our scholars not only undergo a comprehensive academic program in Public Health Administration, and Comprehensive Primary Health Care but they are also rigorously trained in, Global Health, communication, and leadership skills.

Program Overview

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Administration (PDPHA)
    Duration1 Year
    LocationRanchi, Jharkhand & Solapur, Maharashtra
    Course FormatGraduates from any Discipline
  • Certificate Program on Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPCPHC)
    Duration6 Months
    LocationRanchi, Jharkhand & Solapur, Maharashtra
    Course FormatGraduates from any Discipline

Application Process

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The UPANU Institute of Global Health (UIGH) is focused on public health management in India.

Founded with a vision to develop public health professionals empowered with the knowledge, skills, expertise, and public health ethics. Philosophy is to enable future leaders in Public Health to understand, implement and evaluate local solutions to India’s enduring public health and governance challenges. Its unique format of being asset-light and talent-heavy has resulted in a compact but classy campus area in Ranchi, Jharkhand & Solapur, Maharashtra, the public health hubs of our country.

UIGH supported by world-class faculty, extensive industry linkages, and an innovative approach to the design and management of healthcare programs, aim to transform the art of public health management in India and beyond. An initiative by eminent public health academicians, policymakers, and Project managers from India and abroad, the institution is committed to contemporary and relevant pedagogy, research and practice.

What makes the UIGH so special?

6 & 12
Months Full-Time Programs
5 Months
Realizing Public Health System through Field Visit
IAO Accredited Public Health Institution
Global Choice Awarded Public Health Institution
Credits 1 Year PGDPHA
Credits 6 Months CPCPHC
Accredited By
Martine Lutcher Christian University Shillong, Meghalaya


ACHIEVE NextGen Leadership Potential

Hands-on approach
Lean on our professional services experts for the tools, training, and clinical expertise you need to succeed in value-based reimbursement models.
Integrated, personalized care tools
Use our UIGH solution to access your personal profile within your career workflow.
Precise, actionable
Empower your knowledge in the right place, at the right time, to guide the delivery of safe, appropriate care that meets the organization’s needs and preferences.
Automated reminders
Improve student engagement and outcomes with pre-planning. Communicate with students more effectively with automated outreach and reminders.
Management capabilities
Put public-health-based strategies into action. Gain a 360-degree view of your career development and Identify skills that will benefit most from intervention. Develop student-specific care in less time.

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the UPANU Institute of Global Health (UIGH): Ranchi. As societies become more and more knowledge-based, rules and institutions that shape local, national and global engagements will have to change to meet the aspirations of the youth of India. Designing these policies and institutions will form the essence of global health in the next few decades. Because they will be affected by them, the youth must participate in designing them. The number and quality of the applicants in our very first year have convinced us that the Indian youth want to have a decisive say in the society they want to live and work in.

The UIGH was conceived as the first Indian Institute of Global Health focused on the design and management of institutions and policies that govern the company. It has been set up by an eminent council of senior global health experts, policy experts, administrators, and philanthropists with a vision to develop a new class of global health leaders for India and the region. It is designed as a year-long post-graduate diploma in Public Health Administration (PGDPHA), and 6-month-long Citification Program on Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPCPHC).

The UIGH is the institutional successor to several years of public health programs that our founding council has conceptualized and run in various forms, in colleges and universities across the country. Across these programs, we have graduated over 35 students, who have gone on to embark on successful public health careers in India, and across the world.

The establishment of a new institute invariably affords tremendous scope and possibilities to its various stakeholders, and that is certainly the case at UIGH. Our mission and aim are to build excellence in public health training and research platform, and a vibrant community for talented and ambitious students, faculty, and practitioners.

Join us on this exhilarating journey. Welcome once again!

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Awate

Academic Director & Dean